Teste da Padme

Take this test!
The bad guys had better beware! Your cat's got plenty of energy, and like their celebrity matches Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie, isn't afraid to face danger head-on. Challenges and excitement? Bring 'em on — your feline's ready. The perk for you? Your home feels safe and protected. Whether your cat's chasing spiders or mice away or keeping you company day or night, you've got a brave little soldier watching out for their number one — you!

Saving the world from aliens, foiling evil plots, averting disaster at the hands of Mother Nature. These and other hair-raising phenomena are all in a day's work for an action star. While your vibrant little champion may not exactly be fighting these foes, they certainly are a hero in your eyes.

2 comentários:

JuJu disse...

Será que não tem como traduzir isso aí não...
Passe lá no meu blog e deixe seu comentário!!!

Nina Victor disse...

Resumindo, o teste diz que a Padme é uma gatinha cheia de energia e muito ativa, como se fosse a mocinha nos filmes de ação. Isso é a cara dela! :)